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It's my hope that you'll feel home at Hillside!

“Sometimes, in the hustle and bustle of it all, you need a gentle reminder of what’s truly important”

-Terri Matthews



People Hungry for Home are Saying

In a time where conversation is replaced with text messaging, and dinner equals Grubhub, there is still no place like home. As an entrepreneur running several businesses, a wife, mom, sister, and friend, life can get busy, and those conveniences make life seem a lot easier. Sometimes, in the hustle and bustle of it all, you need a gentle reminder of what’s truly important… I never thought all the beautiful feelings of home, family, and love could be encapsulated onto the pages of a book, but somehow she did it. And all roads lead to home!

Terri Matthews

Author, Emmy-Award Winning Television Host, Businesswoman, And Autism-Advocate

Ruth McKeaney’s personal stories and wise words will spark readers to rethink and reimagine what home life can be! Hungry For Home shows how family traditions and recipes feed our souls. This book provides a roadmap to make moments at home both meaningful and memorable. Thank you, Ruth, for sharing your unique talents and insights—you’ve created a home filled with love and joy, and it’s fun to feel inspired. Blessed indeed by Hungry For Home.

Sarah Perot

President Of The Sarah And Ross Perot, Jr. Foundation

You will experience a nostalgia for all things family and togetherness as you take in every page of Hungry For Home. I found myself not only getting inspired to try new recipes and introduce fun new traditions, but it caused me to hit the pause-button on the lightning- paced speed that life has become. Ruth has magically found a way to give practical and attainable ideas for this very busy mom to start incorporating into her home. It’s a beautiful reminder that leaving a legacy of memories in the form of time spent together with your family at HOME is so much more important than anything money can buy.

Jill Donovan

Author, Speaker, Former Attorney And Law Professor, And The Founder Of Rustic Cuff