Ruth’s Table


These are a favorite with the whole family, and they are simple to prepare.

Butternut Squash Soup

Need a warming, creamy soup to warm up a chilly January? This classic butternut squash soup is a staple at Hillside Farm no matter the weather. Excerpt from Hungry for Home

The New Year

The following is an excerpt from Hungry for Home, a Year at Hillside farm. Of course, when the book was written last year, we had no idea what 2020 would hold. But, my heart for the new year is exactly the same. We made it through 2020, and together, we will face 2021 with hope…

Christmas at Hillside

About a week or two before Christmas, I “wrap” the doors of the dining room to look like two enormous presents. From this day until Christmas, no one but Bob and I may enter the room. Behind its doors, we wrap presents and create other surprises for the kids. You can’t imagine how much they love seeing those wrapped doors and feeling the anticipation of what Bob and I are preparing for them.

Redefining Home

HOME is the foundation for a full, abundant life. One where we share burdens, embrace frailty, and encourage greatness.

Orchard Apple Pie

Join Ruth and Women Doing Well for a Hillside Farm Baking Special: Orchard Apple Pie. Just in time for the Holidays!

Birthday Balloons

Traditions are an important part of life at Hillside Farm. One of our favorite traditions is “Birthday Balloons.”

Our First Shipment!

At our house, packing and shipping is a family affair! Hungry for Home is literally making it’s way from our home to yours! We can’t wait to share our journey with you!

It’s here!

Bob and I are overjoyed to announce that Hungry for Home, a project we’ve spent the last year developing, is finally finished!

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Countdown to Launch!

So excited to announce the arrival of our first run of Hungry for Home! The books arrived at our barn a few days ago, and this weekend to celebrate the kickoff, we hosted our first book signing.

Preparing Your Home for the Colder Months

Little “extras” help us know that time is still moving, and some things will not change, like apples, the scent of mulled cider, and the love of family. Because this year has been so different than any other year, the time and thought spent making the inside of your home feel “different” seasonally can help lift everyone’s spirits.


Intentional, daily decisions to give generously of our time and attention to our friends and family are vital to healthy, stable homes… the sort of homes kids want to come back to when they are adults and off on their own.