The New Year

The following is an excerpt from Hungry for Home, a Year at Hillside farm. Of course, when the book was written last year, we had no idea what 2020 would hold. But, my heart for the new year is exactly the same. We made it through 2020, and together, we will face 2021 with hope and grace.

“A new year hints that the cycle is about to begin once more. Of course, no spring, summer, autumn, or winter is ever exactly the same. There will be new challenges. The kids will be a little taller. Bob and I will be a little older (and hopefully wiser!). 

New Years is one of the holidays that feels free and easy to me. Every year, we go to my cousin’s home to celebrate. He spends weeks preparing an escape room, and together, we count down the hours to the new year trying to solve puzzles and riddles.

When the clock strikes midnight and fireworks sound out all over the city, no matter what the past year may have held, we made it through, together. And we trust that God will bring us through the following year, with all its unknowns, with peace and joy.”

Hungry for Home, by Ruth McKeaney

It has been a joy and an honor to walk with all of you through these final months of 2020. It is my deepest desire that you are blessed in the upcoming year.


Ruth M.

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