Redefining Home

HOME is the foundation for a full, abundant life. One where we share burdens, embrace frailty, and encourage greatness.

HOME is where we mourn with those who mourn and rejoice with those who rejoice. HOME is how we welcome others and love truly.

HOME chooses peace, truth, goodness, and hard work over the easy way out.

WE are all hungry for home in a world where homemaking is quickly becoming a lost art.

BUT it’s not lost yet. Restoration is always possible. Great things can grow out of ruins.

Families can thrive in places once unfit for life. Demolish the rot and rebuild your walls. Start on a new foundation if necessary.

TAKE it from me, you will never regret the effort it takes to make your house a HOME. 

(Excerpt from Hungry for Home by Ruth McKeaney) 

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