by Ruth McKeaney

“As the leaves begin to turn and the children return to school, once more I am reminded of how quickly time passes and how important it is to wisely use the time we’ve been given.

Today more than ever, a million things vie for our attention. Work follows us home long after we’ve clocked out. We check emails at three in the morning. We answer calls at eight at night. The lines between the office and home can easily become blurred. Juggling kids, careers, and the never-ending to-do list necessary to keep dozens of plates spinning at once is overwhelming. A modern epidemic of busyness threatens to infect each one of us. If we are not careful, a decade or two will pass, and we won’t know what happened to the time or what we actually did with it.

In between meetings and school drop-offs, between takeout Chinese, and days without seeing your spouse because life is crazy sometimes, how do we make our homes something more than just a place we sleep or microwave leftovers? How do we slow down the clock and enjoy the days God has given us on earth? Autumn, for me, is the season to find out.” 

How do we capture time?

Believe it or not, the answer is not difficult, but it does take self discipline. Some things will have to give. Intentional, daily decisions to give generously of our time and attention to our friends and family are vital to healthy, stable homes… the sort of homes kids want to come back to when they are adults and off on their own.

Take a good look at your schedule. Do you really need to be doing so much? Could you wake up an hour earlier (and go to bed an hour earlier) to spend more time with your kids before school? 

Ask yourself what you can do to create order and stability for your family. Simple things like eating together around the table once a week can have a huge impact. The point here is to eat together without a screen stealing our attention away from what matters most: each other. 

Are you distracted by your phone or the television? Maybe you need to turn the volume down for a while so you can concentrate on what your kids or spouse are saying. Though we love a good movie night, it is essential to spend quality time on a regular basis without any screens invited… Little adjustments, like choosing to listen or celebrate little  victories, can be all it takes to remind your family how much you value them.” 

(Excerpt from Hungry for Home: A Year Together at Hillside Farm, Coming November 2020. Pre-Order Now)

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